A country music festival or country concert is not complete without the perfect pair of cowboy boots. Whether you like your cowboy (or western) boots bedazzled or lined with fringe, the handcrafted details in every pair of boots allow you to show off your unique personality.

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When it comes to shopping for a new pair of boots, there are a few things you should consider before buying:


Tips for Buying Cowboy Boots for The First Time

  • Don’t Skip Out on Socks. Never go barefoot in boots, trust us, you’ll regret it. Between the blisters and stinky feet, you won’t make that mistake twice. Instead, invest in a nice pair of boot socks that cover your ankle. Don’t forget to bring a pair when you’re trying them on.
  • Find the Right Fit. Some shoes give you the flexibility to be loose with sizing, especially if you purchase shoes in a smaller size than your regular size. With cowboy boots, it’s important that your boots fit properly. Poor fitting boots can be disastrous and lead to sore feet. We always recommend that you size up a half size, regardless of brand. This will help ensure that you have enough room for thin or thick socks. As a general rule of thumb,  you should literally leave a thumb’s width between the tip of the boot and your toes. Remember, if a pair of boots feels uncomfortable in any way, go with a different size. Brands also offer boots in ‘wide’ for those who like a little bit more room around the calf.
  • Don’t Forget Protection. Cowboy boots are not cheap and are an investment for most people. Be sure to protect your cowboy boots before you expose them to rain or mud. Most boot shops sell protective sprays to help you keep them protected. If you’ve already worn a pair, clean them thoroughly before you apply any protection solution.

From Justin to Ariat to Corral and Tony Lama to Lucchese boots, there’s a brand for everyone. Corral Boots have become our favorite brand of boots – they offer a wide selection of stunning designs for men, women, and kids. Plus, we find Corral boots to be the most comfortable brand of boots and they don’t require much time to break them in, which is extremely important for long days spent at country music festivals.

Check out some of our favorite styles of Corral Boots for women. 

Corral Cowboy Boots

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Macarena Cowboy Boots

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Where to Buy Cowboy Boots

Boot Barn
Country Outfitter
Nashville Boot Co
Tractor Supply Co