Located at the iconic Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington, Watershed Festival is another bucket list style country music festival for any country music fan. Also home to the Sasquatch Music Festival, the views from the open air Gorge Amphitheater are unlike any other.

The venue sits along the Columbia River, which makes for a stunning sunset. The natural landscape provides the most beautiful backdrop for a concert and some concertgoers have claimed that The Gorge is only second to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. From the pit to the top of the lawn, there really isn’t a bad seat in this 20,000 seat concert venue.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips if your planning to attend the 3-day Watershed Music Festival in the future.

Watershed Country Music Festival

Camping, Travel Tips and More

  • The closest airport is Seattle, which is about 2 hours and 30 minutes away.
  • Cool off in the Columbia River if it’s hot and you have a car with you because it’s a bit of a trek to get there from the campsite.
  • Catch a glimpse of soundcheck if you walk around the Cave B Inn.
  • Check out the nearby winery located just steps from the campgrounds.
  • The hotels are scarce, so camping is a your only option.
  • We recommend staying in the RV campgrounds. The standard camping is not exactly the nicest camp site. If you’re looking to rough it, than the standing camping might be more ideal for you. Remember, this festival venue is basically in the middle of nowhere, so be prepared and make sure you have plenty of camping supplies and food and water. Check out our list of festival must haves.
  • If you’re not staying on site and choose to drive each day, leaving the venue can be tough if you wait until the very end of the show.
  • Save some time to explore the venue and capture the breathtaking views of The Gorge Amphitheater before the show.

Have fun! After your experience at Watershed Festival, you will officially be able to call yourself a Shedder!