Recently, we’ve gotten quite a few questions about how to have more fun at a country music festival. Well, we’ve decided to it all in one place. So, here’s a helpful list of ways to help you maximize the opportunity to have the most fun at a country music festival! Make friends, get free stuff, hear great music, and have fun!

2018 Country Music Festivals in the United States and Canada

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Country Music Festival

1 | Be Friendly!

One can never have too many friends, right? Right! One of our favorite things about going to country festivals is making memories with old and new friends. Returning to a country music festival is much more appealing when you having friends to go with. Not to mention, you never know who you could meet!  So, don’t be afraid to talk to people whether you’re in line for a cold beer, waiting to use a port o potty, in line to enter the festival, and especially in the camping area.

2 | Get Closer to the Stage.

Getting to the front of the stage can be extremely challenging if you don’t get there early and stake our your spot ahead of time. Not to mention, people get easily annoyed by rude, drunk fans pushing through crowds of people. So, please be as polite as possible. Using basic manners like ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way with people who are tired and have been standing on their feet all day in cowboy boots (trust us, it hurts). Here’s a tip for trying to get closer: follow a cameraman with a large camera lens that’s heading closer to the front. He will need more space to get through the crowd, so you just might be able to tag along and work your way to the front! Note: we are not suggesting you sneak into sections you don’t have access to.

3 | Free Swag.

Country music festivals can’t happen without the help of sponsors. Stop by as many booths as possible and you could get some cool free swag and just might win something too! Sponsor booths often have phone charging stations, and can offer a cool place to rest your feet! Tortuga Music Festival had free Fireball Whisky samples at the Fireball booth! 🙂 Sure, you might have to provide some personal information like your email address, but you can always unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive their emails anymore.

4 | Hear Live Music Better.

Temporary stages and venues don’t always have the highest quality sound. Sometimes, you have to move around the festival to find the best sound. We experienced this at a festival we attended in 2017 – we realized that we couldn’t hear the lyrics because standing too far on the side. So, we moved closer to the center and could hear much better. Sometimes wearing earplugs improves sound quality as well. Not to mention, it helps prevent hearing problems in the future. It’s always a good idea to throw a couple pairs in your bag before you head to the festival.

5 | Bring a Good Speaker!

You’re probably attending a country festival because you love music, right? Every good tailgate needs loud music. Pick up a good speaker that can play your music loud enough for everyone in your tailgate to hear. Obviously, you don’t want to have music wars with other tailgaters, but music is important and is the perfect way to get you pumped up for the country concert or country festival!

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