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Chris Stapleton | All American Road Show

We attended Chris Stapleton's "All American Road Show" tour on its stop in Darien Lake, on a muggy July Sunday night in upstate New York. Chris Stapleton welcomed us into his "The 78" traveling lounge to have some of his favorite whiskeys, play his guitars, hold his awards, and relax before an eclectic night of… Continue reading Chris Stapleton | All American Road Show

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Dixie On Dallas | Boutique

From hand painted, modern calligraphy signs to fringe keychains and home decor, Dixie on Dallas has the perfect gift for you, your friends or your home! Chanel, Owner of Dixie on Dallas, doubles as a graphic designer and can also create custom pieces, which are perfect for your upcoming event or country concert tailgate party.… Continue reading Dixie On Dallas | Boutique

Festival Must Haves

Selfie Remote | Festival Must Have

Lets face it, although selfie sticks look completely ridiculous, they are the perfect tool for capturing the group selfie. Selfie sticks are no longer accepted everywhere in public. They have been banned from theme parks, county fairs, and country music festivals. Since selfie photos aren’t going anywhere, we’ve got a new selfie tool to help… Continue reading Selfie Remote | Festival Must Have

Country Style

Tumbleroot | Country Boutique

Finding a go-to shop for all of your country concert and festival needs can be a struggle. Look no further than Tumbleroot Apparel! From tanks to sweaters and koozies to jewelry, this country-inspired boutique has it all! Based in Central California, Tumbleroot prides itself on American-made products perfect for your next country concert. This country boutique… Continue reading Tumbleroot | Country Boutique

Artist of the Month

Ashley McBryde | Artist of the Month

By now you have probably heard “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” if you’re a frequent listener of The Highway on Sirus XM Radio. This twangy country song about having the worst day ever is Ashley McBryde's debut single, and has become one of our most-played country songs. Naming Ashley McBryde as our first female… Continue reading Ashley McBryde | Artist of the Month

Record Roundup

Record Roundup | September 2017

Pumpkin spice lattes are here and school is back in session... how has summer already come and gone?! Don't worry, we've got the best country music tunes to keep you cruising along with what's left of the warm weather. September's Record Roundup features some of our favorites from Travis Tritt and Darius Rucker, along with… Continue reading Record Roundup | September 2017

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes | KSON Radio DJ

Invented in the late 1800s, the radio was first used to communicate with ships out at sea. During WWI and WWII, media outlets used the radio to relay news to the public. Radio has since evolved from solely a news outlet into an entertainment channel. These days, we have hundreds of stations to choose from… Continue reading Behind the Scenes | KSON Radio DJ

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Cowboy Hat | Festival Must Have

The cowboy hat has long been the most recognizable icon for country and western music. According to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the cowboy hat dates back to the late 1800s. “John B. Stetson, a famous hat manufacturer from Philadelphia created the “Boss of the Plains” hat in 1865.” Since then, it has… Continue reading Cowboy Hat | Festival Must Have

Festivals & Concerts

Coastal Country Jam | Huntington Beach

"Hey, it's so good to be alive, swimmin' in sunshine" (Swimmin' in Sunshine by Billy Currington) - that's exactly what attending Coastal Country Jam is like. Located on the sand of Huntington State Beach, Coastal Country Jam is the perfect way to spend a warm Southern California day. Other than Tortuga Music Festival in South Florida,… Continue reading Coastal Country Jam | Huntington Beach

Behind the Scenes

Bill Snickers | Back to Satisfying Country Music Hunger

The Country Music Industry is often portrayed with fame, fortune, red carpets, bedazzled cowboy boots, and millions of loyal fans. Bill Snickers, former record label Promotions Director, has a different picture to paint. In the latest edition of the Behind the Scenes series, the Country Clones go one on one with Bill Snickers as he… Continue reading Bill Snickers | Back to Satisfying Country Music Hunger

Festival Must Haves

Metallic Tattoos | Festival Must Haves

What's a country music festival without shiny tattoos? Metallic tattoos have quickly become a must-have piece of flare that can spruce up any outfit. You can purchase these jewelry-inspired, temporary tattoos at a myriad of stores including CVS, Amazon, Claire's, Wal-Mart, and Forever 21, Flash Tattoos even allows you to personalize your own tattoos. Tips Traveling for a festival?… Continue reading Metallic Tattoos | Festival Must Haves

Artist of the Month

Brandon Lay | Artist of the Month

The Country Clones’ Artist of the Month for August is Tennesseean, Brandon Lay. Growing up in a typical Southern household in Jackson, TN, Brandon’s childhood was centered around playing sports, attending church and listening to country music with his family. Despite growing up and playing a variety of sports, Brandon’s first love has always been… Continue reading Brandon Lay | Artist of the Month

Record Roundup

Record Roundup | August 2017

Whether you're headed back to school or still enjoying summertime, we've got the perfect country music playlist for you! August's Record Roundup features some music from some of longtime favorite country artists like Joe Nichols and Billy Currington. We've also loaded this month's country playlist with a TON of newcomers like July's Artist of the… Continue reading Record Roundup | August 2017

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Nashville | Travel Tips – Part 2

Part 1 of our Nashville Travel Tips featured local attractions like murals, parks, and landmarks. In this post, we share some of our favorite restaurants and bars around town. Stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon! - Restaurants + Bars - Whiskey Kitchen - You can't go wrong stopping by this tavern-chic restaurant for any… Continue reading Nashville | Travel Tips – Part 2