This month we’re giving our Record Roundup a makeover. Instead of a sharing a curated list of a dozen country songs from different artists, we’re bringing you 13 songs from one artist. Often times, listeners (like us) only hear the songs that make it to country radio, but many artists have catalogs of songs just waiting for people like us to listen. That said, this month’s Record Roundup features music from country megastar, Luke Bryan.

With more than 100 songs across 12+ albums and EPs, it can be hard to keep up with every song on every album. Our song list features tunes you may not have heard before. Keep reading to find out what Luke Bryan songs we think you should listen to, besides his radio singles.

Thanks for letting us share our favorite songs and artists in country music with you!

Want to see Luke Bryan life? Find out when he’s playing a show near you by checking out our list of 2019 country concert tour dates. Follow the Country Clones Spotify playlist to hear these songs and discover more great music from some of our favorite country artists.

October Record Roundup

  1. “Moon and Back” | Album – Kill the Lights
  2. “We Run This Town | Album – Crash My Party (Deluxe)
  3. “Like We Aint Ever | Spring Break… Checkin’ Out
  4. “Way Way Back” | Album – Kill the Lights
  5. “I Know You’re Gonna Be There” | Album – Tailgates & Tanlines
  6. “Razor Blade” | Album – Kill the Lights
  7. “Doin My Thing” | Album – Doin’ My Thing
  8. “You Look Like Rain” | Album – Farm Tour…Here’s To The Farmer
  9. “Better Than My Heart” | Album – Crash My Party (Deluxe)
  10. “I Knew You That Way” | Album – Tailgates & Tanlines
  11. “Take My Drunk Ass Home” | Album – Spring Break… Here To Party
  12. “Muckalee Creek Water” | Album – Tailgates & Tanlines
  13. “Drinking Beer and Wastin’ Bullets” | Album – Doin’ My Thing