Fall is here and the holiday shopping season is quickly approaching (How is that possible already?!). Don’t wait until the last minute to start shopping for your music-loving friends and family. Finding the perfect gift for the ultimate music fan can be challenging, especially if they purchase music and concert tickets regularly. We’ve put together a list of great gifts for music lovers to help guide you through the busy (and stressful) shopping season.

Christmas Gifts for Country Music Fans


1 | Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are quickly becoming a must-have item for music lovers. The most significant benefit of these liberating devices is the ability to be cord free and hand free. Going wireless mitigates the opportunity of having those pesky cables from getting stuck in a zipper or having something pull the earbuds out of your ears. Plus, some music enthusiasts would argue that the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones is much better than regular headphones.

2 | Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music anytime, anywhere with an on-the-go speaker. Small yet mighty, a portable Bluetooth speaker boasts fantastic sound quality and can easily fit into a small bag or suitcase. Best of all, the versatility of a portable Bluetooth speaker enables country music fans to listen to music on long walks, during a hike, in a hotel room, or even during a camping trip!

3 | A DAC

A Digital Analog Converter, otherwise known as a DAC (Digital Analog Converter) is not something a typical music fan would be privy to, but is a popular purchase among more die-hard music lovers! A DAC is a small flash drive-sized gadget that drastically improves the sound of music by removing noise and other components that contribute to poor sound quality. You can be plugged into a computer, and won’t need to be taken out again! Consider a DAC an investment into your music listening experience.

4 | Music Books

A true die-hard music lover is often immersed in knowing as much as they can about their favorite musician, band, era, or genre. Available in digital, paperback and hardcover forms, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to music books. According to Forbes, every music lover should read are, I want my MTV, Our Band Could Be Your Life, Love is a Mix Tape, The Music Book, Songbook, and Put The Needle On The Record.

5 | Vinyl Records

Seemingly old-fashioned, a vinyl record is no longer a thing of the past. In fact, many artists are distributing vinyl copies of their albums and music fans all over the world are scooping them up. Vinyl records double as a collectors album and a functional gift for a big music fan. Remember, if you are planning to give the gift of vinyl records, be sure that the recipient owns a turntable or a record player. If not, perhaps you can team up with other friends or family and purchase a turntable – you can usually purchase one for about $150 from various online retailers.

6 | Smart Speaker

With technological capabilities becoming more advanced, the world is rapidly transitioning to digital, including music. As a result, every music fan should have a great quality speaker. With the likes of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home, smart speakers are quickly becoming a staple in every household. These handy devices respond to voice commands, act as personal assistants, and offer a terrific music-listening experience.
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