Cue the country songs about rain, there are surprisingly quite a few songs about rain –

“Rain Is a Good Thing” by Luke Bryan
“Little Rain” by Morgan Wallen
“Raining On Sunday” by Keith Urban
“Let It Rain” by David Nail
“Every Storm Runs Out of Rain” by Gary Allen
“She’s My Kind of Rain” by Tim McGraw

… okay, you get the idea. 

On September 8th we attended Touchdowns and Tunes in Paducah, Kentucky. We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Y’all, you NEED to attend this country festival in Western Kentucky – it’s affordable (beers and food are $5 each), it’s family friendly (all ages are welcome), and each year the lineup gets better and better. Not to mention, this small Kentucky Town is so charming! This year’s lineup featured Runaway June, Drake White and the Big Fire, and Eli Young Band. View Tour Dates Runaway June was our personal favorite because they played several new songs including their latest smash hit, “Buy My Own Drinks.” We cannot thank Bryan, Shay, and the rest of the Touchdowns and Tunes team for having us. You guys took care of us and we can’t wait to do it all over again in 2019!

Well, it poured for the first half of the festival, and boy were we soaked! Being from Southern California, we’ve never had to deal with rain interfering with our weekend plans or impacting country festivals in San Diego. No seriously. The San Diego Padres have only had three rainouts at Petco Park since it opened in 2004.

Anyways, we ‘survived’ the rain and still had a fantastic time at Touchdowns and Tunes. And needless to say, this experience inspired us to share a quick list of must-have items to make sure you’re prepared to attend a country festival in the rain.


What to Bring to a Country Festival in the Rain

  1. A Good Attitude. This is the most important thing on this list. We all know the annoyances that accompany stormy weather, like wet clothes, wet shoes, wet hair, etc. It’s not ideal, but make the best of it, you’re there to have a good time!
  2. A Poncho. A no-brainer for most, but these are a lifesaver. You can pick up disposable ponchos for about one dollar at big box stores and convenience stores. Don’t bring an umbrella because they usually are not allowed inside the venue.
  3. Sandals or Rain Boots. People always call us crazy when they see us in sandals in the rain, but here’s the thing – your feet dry REALLY FAST when they aren’t stuck in wet shoes with wet socks. For those not interested in wearing sandals, opt for a good pair of comfortable, rubber rain boots – especially if there’s a chance you will be standing in mud all day.
  4. Backpack. Keep your stuff dry under your poncho with a backpack (if they are alloweed). Plus, your hands are free to hold a beer and a hot dog. 🙂 Make sure it’s waterproof!
  5. A Flannel. A staple for everyone country concert and festival outfit, a flannel is also a must-have item for a rainy festival. Not only are they cute, but you can put it on if it gets chilly and you’re wet.
  6. Shorts. Pants might seem like a good idea, but they aren’t. Jeans take a long time to dry once they get wet, and they are heavy. Just skip them altogether and opt for shorts or leggings if it’s cold.

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