Known for his outlandish bets and dry commentary, Producer Ray is a key member (and one of our favorites) of the Bobby Bones Show. For those unfamiliar, The Bobby Bones Show, is an extremely popular morning talk radio show hosted by Bobby Bones and his group of friends from Austin, Texas. The team is made up of Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Producer Eddie, Producer Ray, Morgan #1, Morgan #2 and Mike D. Now based in Nashville, The Bobby Bones Show is a nationally syndicated radio show and airs daily on more than 100 country music radio stations throughout the United States. Country music fans can listen to the Bobby Bones Show for free on iHeart Radio.

Recently, we got the exclusive chance to go one-on-one with Producer Ray to get to know him and find out how he got into country radio. Plus, we will get to learn more about a typical day at the radio show.

Get to know Producer Ray from the Bobby Bones Show

bobby bones show producer rayOriginally from Michigan, Ray moved south to Texas for college where landed an internship at a sports station. Within two months, his position transitioned into him driving station vehicles. He later got a gig with the Bobby Bones Show and has been a staple on the show ever since. He moved to Nashville along with the rest of the show five years ago.

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Producer Ray | Q & A

Country Clones | For those that don’t know what a radio producer is responsible for, can you explain your job briefly?

Producer Ray | Working with 5 computers on a daily basis and a lot of boring programming stuff. 2 percent of my work is made up of the fun stuff and being on air. The other 98 percent is really boring – a lot of mouse-clicking and trying to find something interesting in a boring thing.

CC | Tell us about a typical day at the office.

PR | Wake and bake at 1 am. Go to the gym, read the daily news from the TV at the gym. Unless the front desk manager leaves the channel on Judge Judy overnight, then I learn nothing while I’m at the gym. After that, print papers, push papers, and organize papers. Talk to Los Angeles, California and sometimes Austin, Texas at 4:30 am and make sure satellites are connected. Lots of NexGen (every radio station in the country is linked via this program) and work on Adobe Audition, and sending audio by email. Very sophisticated, I know. I hope I don’t get my email hacked one of these days and leak Taylor Swift / Post Malone’s new single. I’ve said too much.

CC | We love “Tell Me Something Good” and “The Morning Corny,” what’s your favorite segment on the show?

PR | Friday Morning Dance Party. I usually start drinking towards the end of it.

CC | What has been your favorite moment on the show thus far?

PR | Lunchbox announcing he’s a dad. Bones opening up about his rough childhood. Amy’s kids coming to America. I mean those are such amazing personal moments that can change people’s days, weeks, and years.

CC | If you were stranded on a desert island with one person from the show, who would you choose?

PR | Probably Morgan #1 because she’s the best swimmer. I’d make her swim back to land and get us help. I’d just sun tan while she was gone and drink vodka out of coconuts all day.

CC | Did you always plan to go into radio? If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing?

PR | Before I got into radio, I always wanted to do television. I quickly changed my mind after an internship I had. During that time, realized how fake and two-faced people can be. I got fired/quit – I don’t really remember how it went down.

CC | What are your favorite rising country artists right now?

PR | Remember the name Raymundo Santiago. Kidding, but seriously, remember the name, Allie Colleen. I’ve driven to a dive bar 20 minutes outside of Nashville dozens of times to support her. Not because I love random dive bars, but because I usually tear up when I hear her play. She’s that good.

CC | What are your favorite country artists of all time?

PR | Sam Hunt. Period. Next question please. [See Sam Hunt tour dates].

CC | What’s your favorite restaurant and bar in Nashville?

PR | Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. Make sure you get the ‘Frose All Day’ (3rd floor only). Best food is peg leg porker bbq. Get there at 11 am or the line will be a mile long. Check out our Nashville Guide for more travel tips.

CC | Did you ever get your winning money from Donald Trump winning the election?

PR | No, he has to be president for 4 years. So, I’ve got another 2 years on that one.

CC | Do you have any advice for people wanting to have a career in country radio?

PR |  Follow the blueprint that I’ve laid out for you. Get an internship, learn a valuable skill, and companies will hire you. Also, start a podcast, and tell nobody about it. Literally, have 0 listeners for a year. If you can make it one year and still enjoy doing it, then definitely get into radio.

For those like us who listen to the show regularly, you might be aware that Ray’s girlfriend, known as BAE on the show, was diagnosed with breast cancer. We couldn’t publish this article without sending her some positivity and love! We are rooting for you and can’t wait to watch you kick cancer’s butt! Follow her journey via her blog, Tata to Cancer. #PimpinJoy