Hi guys!

Sorry we have been a little MIA on the blog last month! Katy made the cross-country move from San Diego back to Nashville, and we have been taking some time to get adjusted to the change. Now that we are planting roots in Music City, we hope to bring you guys more exclusive content, behind the scenes stories, and more country music! So stay tuned!

July’s Record Roundup features a variety of fresh new country music! Keep a lookout for Everette, a new country duo from Kentucky. These guys have that authentic, Americana country sound backed by fantastic vocals and solid lyrics. Another notable artist on the list is our brand new Artist of the Month, Mitchell Tenpenny. By now, you guys might know that he is one of our favorite rising country stars. His voice is one of the best we’ve heard and his songs appeal to both male and female country music fans. We can’t wait to hear more music from this guy.

Want to find out when these country artists are playing in a town near you? Check out our list of 2018 country concert tour dates. Follow the Country Clones Spotify playlist to hear these songs and discover more music from some of our favorite country artists.

July Record Roundup

  1. “Slow Roll” by Everette
  2. “Little Rain” by Morgan Wallen
  3. “Why Can’t She” by Adam Craig
  4. “Best Shot” by Jimmie Allen
  5. “Make It to the Party” by Mitchell Tenpenny
  6. “Lying” by Cale Dodds
  7. “Ride” by Chase Rice
  8. “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs
  9. “Uber Driver” by Faren Rachels
  10. “Last Shot” by Kip Moore
  11. “New Hometown” by Mike Ryan
  12. “Call Your Mama” by Seth Ennis
  13. “Bare Feet” by Caroline Jones