If you have seen Adam Doleac in concert, then you’ve probably heard him play his newest song that officially drops on Friday, “Mom and Daddy’s Money.”

This song is unlike other songs Adam has on his EP – it’s not a love story or about a girl. Instead, it’s a more personal country song that sparks a different kind of emotion – the kind that immediately paints the picture of the innocence of childhood. Specifically, tells the story of having everything you need without the awareness of where your parents’ money comes from that covers the cost of sports, field trips, family vacations, going to the movies, etc, – the stuff most of us just do as kids.

“From a songwriters point of view, it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever written.”

Adam tested the waters with fans by playing “Mom and Daddy’s Money” at shows to find out how it resonated with fans before he released it to the public. In fact, Adam actually penned this song three years ago, and explains why he waited so long to release it,

“It’s just one of those songs that I always felt I would know when the right time was to put it out, and I feel like that is now. And now that I’ve been fortunate enough to create a fan base with the EP I put out last year, I feel like it’s a good time to release a song that will allow fans to see a different side of me and a much more personal side of me”

As a surprise for his parents, Adam dug up old home videos and had them converted for the lyric video.

Haven’t heard the song? Listen to “Mom and Daddy’s Money” by Adam Doleac on Spotify below and download the song on iTunes.

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