Attending a country concert should be on every music lover’s bucket list. From the fans to the tailgating and of course the music, there’s really no other genre of music that compares to country when it comes to live music. Keep reading to find out why we think you must go to a country concert in your lifetime!

10 Reasons to attend a country concert:

the country concert experience

1 | The Unforgettable Experience

We’ve heard countless times that all it takes is one country concert to be completely hooked. Even people that don’t enjoy listening to country music, love going to country concerts! There’s just something about the experience at a country music concert that isn’t like any other type of music genre. View country concert tour dates


country concert tailgate

2 | The Parking Lot Party

Let’s face it, do you know anyone that doesn’t like to tailgate? The preparty is one of the main reasons why people continue to plan their summers around country concerts! Country concert tailgates are full of delicious food, ice cold beer, music, and games – what could be better? There’s nothing like pulling into a tailgate party before a concert to get your adrenaline pumping for the show! Tailgating is also a great reason to get there early and snag a good parking spot or after the show to beat traffic. Check out our tailgate and camping Hacks for first timers

country music fans - country clones

3 | The People

The more the merrier! We love going to country concerts with groups of friends! One of the best things about country concerts is making new friends. Country music fans are family. It’s not uncommon to get invited to play a game of flip cup, cornhole (bags), or shotgun a beer by a complete stranger.



4 | Country Music

We especially love when artists share the story behind a song with the crowd. Country concerts can also give fans the opportunity to hear different versions of their favorites songs, like an acoustic version that you’ve never heard before. We also enjoy when an artist puts a country twist on a cover of a top 40 pop song. Pro tip: Make sure you get to your seats early to catch the opening bands! You never know who will be the next big star and you might even discover new music that you like!

the lawn

5 | The Lawn

Some people might argue that the lawn is where the real party takes place, especially after the sun goes down. Usually drawing in a younger crowd, the lawn seats are typically general admission and the cheapest in the amphitheater. If you’re attending your first country concert, we recommend buying lawn tickets to help you get the full country music experience!


6 | The Views

I mean, how magical is this?


country concert outfit

7 | Outfits. Outfits. Outfits.

For Southern California, country concerts are essentially one giant themed party – the girls put on a crop top or tank top, zip up their daisy dukes, tie a plaid flannel around their waist, and slip on their cowgirl boots. [FYI – we’re not hating, we do this too!] The guys, well they tend to show their patriotism and wear anything red, white, and blue they can find! Sometimes, you might see guys sporting a cowboy hat, a great pair of boots, and Wrangler jeans. View our country concert outfit guide


country music fan girl

8 | Fan Girling

You’d be silly to say your inner fan girl (or fan boy) doesn’t come out when you see one of your favorite country artists live. No matter how many times we see the same artist in concert, we still have that same excitement you get when you see that artist for the first time. There’s just something about watching live music!

merica country music

9 | Merica

Country concerts are probably the most patriotic place you can visit without attending the Republican National Convention during a presidential election. When you arrive at a concert venue, you’ll probably see American Flags flying high and an abundance of star-spangled country wear. After talking to people, you might be surprised to find out that country music fans are truly proud to live in the United States and that many of them have even served (or are still serving) in the US Military!

brad paisley meet and greet country music

10 | Meet and greets

Country artists are some of the most down to earth, friendly people we have had the opportunity to meet. And country artists are very accessible to their fans, unlike artists from other genres. Want to meet your favorite country artists? Join the fan club! Some concerts even have crew members that go into the crowd and hand pick fans to join them for an exclusive after party when the show ends. You never know who you could meet backstage!