We are so honored to have the opportunity to feature Craig Campbell as the Country Clones’ February Artist of the Month! Craig has long been one of our favorite country artists. In this Country Clones exclusive, we go one-on-one with Craig to find out about some of the country artists he is listening to and whats next for his career. Keep reading to learn more!

Craig Campbell first stepped into the music scene in 2011 and has experienced the highest of highs (with a top-ten single) and some serious lows (like his record label closing in 2014), over the course of his career.

His authentic sound reflects his passion for traditional 90’s country combined with more modern sounds too. During his nearly decade-long career, Craig has celebrated success with songs like “Keep Them Kissin Comin”, “Fish”, “Family Man”, and more recently, “Outskirts of Heaven.” Listen to Craig Campbell on the County Clones Spotify Playlist

As Craig enters a fresh new chapter of his career — with a new record label, new songwriters, and new producer (according to his official website), Craig is ready to showcase his versatility and passion for country music.

We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for his upcoming single and brand new record!

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Craig Campbell | Country Music Artist

Country Clones [CC] How do you think social media and the availability of music changed the music industry?
Craig Campbell [Craig] | It has changed how people absorb music. With the way streaming has evolved, people no longer have to wait for a full-length album. Artists can release music on a regular basis to keep the fans happy and also keep the fans coming back because they know there’s a good chance new music will be available.

CC | Do you think it’s easier or more difficult to be successful as an artist? I think it’s no different to be successful.
Craig | The avenues have changed but the same amount of work and talent is still required to be successful.

CC | What are you currently listening to?
Craig | Here lately I have been listening to a lot of “demos”. Those are songs that haven’t been recorded yet. I am in the process of recording a new project so listening to hundreds of songs is all part of it.

CC | What are your favorite country artists right now?
Craig | Current artists that I like include Maren Morris, Trea Landon, Muscadine Bloodline…just naming a few.

CC | Your daughter has shown interest in music, will you encourage her to become an artist? (PS – we loved hearing you guys sing together on the Bobby Bones Show!)
Craig | Thanks!! I will definitely facilitate her passion. If she wants to pursue music, I will help her in every possible way but it will have to be her decision.

CC | If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?
Craig | I am a huge early 90’s fan. I hope to one day record an album of my favorite songs growing up and make each song a duet with the artist that made those songs famous. Travis Tritt is my favorite, FYI.

CC | After your label closed in 2014, that must have been devastating. You pretty much had to start over and do a lot of the work yourself, how did you stay motivated?
Craig | I knew that I had a good deal of momentum coming off of a hit song with Keep Them Kisses Comin’ so after about a day or two, I was very confident I could take that momentum and sign a new deal and keep on truckin’. 😉

CC | How do you keep yourself entertained on the road?
Craig | I enjoy different things while I am on the road. During hunting season I take my bow out and shoot it every day. We enjoy going to the movies. It also depends on where we are and what things there are to do locally. I love seeing the local sites.

CC | As a writer, we know writer’s block is a real thing, how do you work through that when writing songs?
Craig | If I ever have writer’s block, I just quit and come back another time. Somedays it just doesn’t flow and you definitely can’t force it.

CC | What has been your favorite music festival to play in your career?
Craig | I love all the festivals! Those are my people 😉 A couple that stand out are CMC Rocks in Australia. I’ve played it 3 times now and it is pretty awesome! I really enjoy playing Faster Horses, CMA Fest, and Lake Shake. Those are very FUN festivals.

CC | What’s next for you?
Craig | I am hoping to release a new single very soon with a new album shortly after that. That is what is on the short term agenda for us at the moment.

Thank you, Craig!

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