By now you have probably heard “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” if you’re a frequent listener of The Highway on Sirus XM Radio. This twangy country song about having the worst day ever is Ashley McBryde’s debut single, and has become one of our most-played country songs.

Naming Ashley McBryde as our first female Artist of the Month was a no-brainer. Her music is unlike anything else currently playing on the country music airwaves, and she has been gaining traction among country music critics. The heart-wrenching lyrics matched with her raw talent honestly tell her story of breakups, struggles, and the beginnings of success.

Although she is new to country radio, this traditional country artist from Arkansas released her first EP in 2006. Over the last decade, Ashley McBryde has played for chart-topping country music legends like Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., and newer fan favorite, Chris Stapleton. She is also gaining notoriety among her colleagues in country music. According to her website, “Eric Church brought her on stage and called her a “whiskey-drinking badass,” confessing that he’s a massive fan. The rest of the world is quickly catching on, too.”

As most music fans can agree, country music is dire need of more timeless female country artists that can top the charts for decades to come. We believe Ashley McBryde has the caliber to be one of those artists. She’s not pop, she’s not bubblegum, she creates legitimate country music that tells a real-life story — what country music was founded on. This girl has some seriously undeniable talent, and we can’t wait to watch her career flourish.

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Ashley McBryde | Artist of the Month

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