What’s a country music festival without shiny tattoos? Metallic tattoos have quickly become a must-have piece of flare that can spruce up any outfit. You can purchase these jewelry-inspired, temporary tattoos at a myriad of stores including CVS, Amazon, Claire’sWal-Mart, and Forever 21, Flash Tattoos even allows you to personalize your own tattoos.


  • Traveling for a festival? Cut the tattoos before you leave town, so you don’t have to bring scissors.
  • Bring a sponge
  • Ready to take your tattoos off? Stop by your local drug store or big box store, and pick up some rubbing alcohol. Put some alcohol on a cotton pad, and gently rub the tattoo off.

Shop some of our favorite metallic tattoos below:

SUMMER LOVIN’ VARIETY PACK | Flash Tattoos $15.00 | Shop Now


Bethany Mota Gold Temporary Tattoos | Target | $2.49 | Shop Now

Mandara | Fashion Tats | $9.95 | Shop Now

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