Whether you’re headed back to school or still enjoying summertime, we’ve got the perfect country music playlist for you! August’s Record Roundup features some music from some of longtime favorite country artists like Joe Nichols and Billy Currington. We’ve also loaded this month’s country playlist with a TON of newcomers like July’s Artist of the Month, Adam Craig, Delta Rae, Walker McGuire, and more! Find out when you can see these artists on tour in a city near you!

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New Country Music

  1. I’d Sing About You” by Joe Nichols
  2. It’s All Good” by Adam Craig
  3. Speakers, Bleachers, and Preachers” by Brandon Lay
  4. Only Thing Missing” by Rob Pennington
  5. Just Another” by Sammy Arriaga + Jillian Jacqueline
  6. I Moved South” by Delta Rae
  7. Laid Back” by Mitchell Tenpenny
  8. Til Tomorrow” by Walker McGuire
  9. Just Got Paid” by DeeJay Silver + Austin Webb
  10. Jonesin” by Billy Currington
  11. There’s a Girl” by Trent Harmon
  12. Bad Boy” by Carter Winter