Flannels. Flannels. Flannels. A button up flannel should be an absolute staple in any country concert goer’s closet. Flannel tops are a great choice to spruce up any outfit for a country concert or festival. Tie them around your waist or cover up on a chilly night with your favorite flannel.

You can purchase plaid or flannel tops at most large chain department stores like Forever 21, H&M , and Tillys. Pair your favorite flannel with a crop top, denim shorts, and a great pair of cowboy boots and your set for line dancing to your favorite country tunes.

American Eagle Flannel
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pacsun flannel
Billabong Wild Adventure Plaid Flannel | PACSUN | $22.49 | Shop Now

Brandy Melville Flannel
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WHITE CROW Dylan Flannel | Tillys |$34.98 |  Shop Now