Every month, we’re going to share our favorite 10 songs that we just can’t stop listening to. Each list of songs will feature new country artists as well as artists that have had chart-topping success. We’ve also included a link to iTunes, where you can easily purchase each song from our list.

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Here are the 10 songs we are currently listening to on repeat.

New Country Music

  1. Can’t Get Away from a Good Time” by Logan Mize
  2. Secondhand Smoke” by Stephen Paul
  3. Right Girl Wrong Time” by Jon Langston
  4. With You I Am” by Cody Johnson
  5. Vinyl” by William Michael Morgan
  6. Unreal” by Filmore
  7. Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert
  8. Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton
  9. Reckon” by Adam Craig
  10. Small Town Skyscrapers” by Jordan Rager

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